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Friday, December 24, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C29


Chapter 29: The reason he took the leather.



I logged in.


I gave the fruit of the Water Guardian tree and high-grade fertilizer to Orto yesterday, actually. ......


He converted it into seed successfully and planted the seed on my farm. Yay! When it grows and bears fruit, we can experiment with it. I generously spread high-grade fertilizer on it, and I wonder how it will grow.


I looked up at the Great Water Guardian tree in the east.


......No, it's not going to grow that big, is it? This farm is absolutely not big enough. Well, I'll figure it out when the time comes.


"Oh, we can harvest the red tengu mushrooms now. But we can only harvest one. Hey, Orto, do we have to convert it to seed and grow this red tengu mushroom again?"


If that's the case, we can't multiply it at all. But Orto is shaking his head. Apparently, once you sprinkle the seeds on a log, you can harvest it several times. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


I started my daily routine of mixing and planting seeds. I harvested the green carrots, orange pumpkins, and wild strawberries that I had been asked to grow.


It seems that one wild strawberry plant can bear 1-3 wild strawberries. Today alone, I harvested 10 wild strawberries. But I decided to keep them for myself and not deliver them yet.


The spinach was completely disappointing, but I'm not sure about the green carrots and orange squash we harvested today. Currently, I'm thinking of using them to make portable meals. Or I could make a salad with all three vegetables.


I can also deliver them to the guild. Wait a minute....... I've harvested ten kinds of crops from the fields so far: medicinal herbs, youmei plants, poisonous plants, paralysis plants, bleeding plants, edible grass, wound medicinal plants, spinach, green carrots, and orange squash, right?


I remember a special quest in the farming guild that asks players to harvest 10 different crops. That means I've met the requirements, right?


I also completely forgot about the quest to deliver 5 crops.


"Shall I go to the farming guild today?"


I decided to go to Alyssa's store to sell my products and also visit the farming guild. I think I'll also look around the stalls today.


Actually, I'm thinking of raising my alchemy level soon. The first thing you can do with your alchemy skill is to synthesize. In other words, you can mix item A with item B to make a single item, but it's quite difficult.


First, all but certain combinations will fail, and the original item will be lost. You can improve the quality of the same item by synthesizing them. However, if you want to make the quality higher, you will need a tremendous number of items.


On the bulletin board, it was written that to raise the alchemy level, you should buy many poisonous plants and paralysis plants and synthesize them all the time. That's what I intend to do.



" Then, here's your reward."


"Thank you very much."


I completed the special quest for delivering 5 goods at the farming guild without any problems. Though I didn't level up. I also completed the special quest for delivering green carrots and orange pumpkins and earned some contribution points. I need to keep raising my contribution points little by little like this. If my guild rank rises, I can buy more kinds of seeds and seedlings. Daily accumulation is important.


I also asked about weeds but was told that they are not treated as crops. Apparently, they are not classified as crops in their illustrated encyclopedia but as something else.


"So next, let's go buy some raw materials."


Let's head to Sawyer the Shota Elf's alchemy store in the northern district.

I'll buy some recipes there and find the raw materials I need in town.




"Hey, you're the big brother from the other day."


"Eh? You remember me?"


Because I only came here once to have a look.

Is it possible that he only has a few customers so he can remember everyone? It certainly doesn't look popular.


"Eh? Well, somehow? You know, your hair color is unique."


"Oh, I see."


My title has been completely exposed. It seems that instead of disappearing, the rumor has spread widely. Well, he remembered my face, so I'll think positively.


"Can you show me the recipe?"


"Oh, sure! Over here."


"Are, isn't there a great increase? I think there were only two before."


"Yes, we've added a few more. Potion, Wound Potion, Portable Food, Hunting Potion, Poison, Paralyzing Potion, Bleeding Potion, Sleeping Potion."


"You got the sleeping plants?"


"By any chance, are you a pharmacist or an alchemist?"


"No, I'm only using mixing and alchemy. I've never seen the sleeping stuff before."


"I got that by accident in a random item box I selected as a bonus. I don't have it anymore."


Too bad. I was going to ask you to give it to me if you have it.


"But then again, why bother making the original recipe into a recipe scroll? They don't look like it will sell at all."


"They don't sell well. I only make them to increase my alchemy and writing skills, though, so I'll be happy if they sell."


"Writing skill?"


I've never heard of that before. I haven't covered all the skills, but they even have such a skill. But what can it do? From the way he talks, it seems like he can make recipe scrolls with that skill. I thought he was making them with alchemy skills that I haven't learned yet.


"Writing is a skill that allows you to write all sorts of things.

Right now, I can only make scrolls using the paper I made with alchemy, but I believe that there will be magical books and grimoires in the future. My dream is to create a grimoire in this world."




"I'm inspired by an anime I saw a long time ago."


I'm impressed by so many different people in this world. I don't know what grimoires and magic books can do, but I can feel the romance. I'm rooting for you.


"That's why I'm taking writing, alchemy, mixing, magic formation, and leatherworking."


"Writing, alchemy, concoction, magic formation, I get it, but leather?


"Old books use leather for their covers, right?"


"I see."


I'm impressed that he's been so thorough. Besides, the grimoire sounds interesting. I hope he does his best.


"If you find any clues, please let me know."


"Okay, I will. I'll let you know if I find any clues."


"Thank you."


After that, I bought the recipe for the Instant-kill drug and Severe Attack. He also gave me a plant called the Severe Attack plant. It wasn't for sale, but he took the trouble to sell it out to me. I am grateful.


To make an instant-kill potion, I need four ingredients: poison medicine, paralysis medicine, bleeding medicine, and Severe Attack drug. Thanks to Sawyer-kun, I have everything I need. If I sprinkle it on a weapon, it will kill the opponent instantly within a certain period. If I have this, maybe I can fight. I got a good recipe.


A Severe Attack drug is a drug that can be made with 3 severe attack plants. It can cause a special condition that increases the damage enemy take next. It's similar to the bleeding condition, but the damage is increased every time the enemy takes damage if it's not cured.


Other than that, I don't see any herb-based items on the shelf. Well, if you're a production player, you'll probably make it yourself.


"And then-- Oh, yeah. You don't have an incubator, do you?


"An incubator? I'm sorry, I don't have."


"I see."


"But, when I can make one, I'll teach you!"


"Yes. Please teach me. I'll buy the recipe if you have it."


"Then, would you like to exchange friend code? It's a good way to exchange information. I don't have many friends in the production field......"


"I'm not really a production guy, you know?"


Well, my mixing skills are the most improved at the moment.


"Still, you are eager enough to buy recipes, aren't you? Is that a No?"


This guy is dangerous! Sawyer looks up at me like a puppy dog. I shiver and nod my head.


"Okay. I also wanted to ask you the same thing."


I'd love to have a friend in the production field. So I exchanged friend code with Sawyer. If I find any information about the grimoire, I'll let him know.


"Then, I have to go now."


"Okay, please come again."


Next stop, Alyssa's place.



"Hello, Alyssa-san."


"Ara, welcome."


First, I sold off the medicines I had made this morning and used the profits to buy water pumice stone. I was surprised that it was cheaper than I expected.


Come to think of it, it's an item that can be collected from the riverbanks in the western forest. It may be a death zone for me, but for a normal player, it's an easy place to go. If they can be collected there, then they're not that valuable.


"That video is very popular. We got so many inquiries!"


"Does that make you happy?"


"Information brokers job are more blessing than I expected? We have announced that we're still investigating it, so I'm sure it'll subside soon."


"I hope so."


After that, I bought honey for Orto and also bought 30 poisonous plants and 30 paralysis plants for leveling up my alchemy skill and left Alyssa's store. After this, production's fever time!


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