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Friday, October 22, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C21


Chapter 21: Found a flower shop.


I logged in and proceed to do what I'm already familiar with, mixing. My mixing skill has increased by 1, and my cooking skill has increased by 2 levels. Wait, I am a tamer, right? Before I knew it, my mixing skill level is the highest.......


I only harvest the weeds and put them in my inventory. It really is useful, isn't it?


Oops, I should check the dried weeds before I leave.




"Oh my god. Garbage?"


Surprisingly, the poisonous, paralysis and bleeding plants that I tied on the tool shed wall had been transformed into trashes. Of course, they cannot be used for trash pickup quests, but they are really trash. They looked like blackened grass, but there is nothing I can do about it. I had no choice but to throw it away.


" ...... Let's abort the drying experiment. I'll check the bulletin board later."


I get myself together and go to Alyssa's store to sell what I've made. I was a little down at first, but I start to feel better as I walk along. Well, this kind of thing sometimes happens when you're experimenting...


I go to Alyssa's store to sell medicines and buy some honey dumplings for Orto since I'm almost out of stock. They were 50 G each.


I got 4450 G, though. My God, I have more than 15,000G now! I'll definitely buy some logs and farms today!


I need to raise my guild rank to buy the logs, so I still do map updating today.



"Oh, it looks so impressive when I see it up close.


I looked up at the giant tree, the symbol of the Eastern Area, and sighed.


The East area is very different from the other areas. It's the only one with a completely different structure from the others, and the scenery is also different.


Let's take a look at the map and check the topography. The first thing that stands out is the large lake in the north of the eastern area. There is a water training guild where you can practice fishing and ship-handling.


And in the center of the eastern area is the "Water Guardian Big Tree," a giant tree with 256 meters of height. It is said that the water in the lake, canals, and outer moat is produced by this tree. The tree can be seen from anywhere in town, but when you get close to it, the sight of it will overwhelm you.


On the east side of the lake and near the outer wall, there is a small forest. That forest is managed by the Forest Guild. Apparently, you can enter the forest, but there's nothing in particular to collect, and not many people use it except for forest guild training.


"First, pick up trash on the street & map updating."


After that, I steadily walked around the eastern area and silently picked up trash. Then I heard an announcement chime, "PING PONG".


"This is an announcement from the management.


"Oh, what is it?


"It has been four days since the start of the service in-game time. We'll be releasing the statistical data.


Speaking of which, it's already 12:00. It's been 4 days in-game, which means exactly one day has passed in real life.


"Statistical data."


I opened the attached file.


"Wow, amazing. It even shows the number of people who have acquired each skill."


The current highest base level is 18. I am sure they are beta testers. After that, I checked the data that might be relevant to me.


First, the title data. In total, there were only five people who had earned a title. That's not many. Since each title belongs to only one person, so that includes me. I have a complex feeling about my title, but I'm still happy when I feel special like this.


Next is the number of tamers. The total number is 78. This is relatively low compared to the current number of players, which is 43076. The most popular job is Soldier, with 803 players. That's almost 1/10 of the total number of players. It can't be helped since it is an unpopular job, but it is a bit sad.


Another thing that struck me is that the number of tamers is far outnumbered by summoners. The number of players who chose Summoner is 541. Apparently, the number of Summoner players is increasing due to the popularity of books or films with Summoner as the main character. Hmm, 6 times as many as tamers. Somehow that's really frustrating.


The highest number of monsters obtained is seven. I'm so jealous. I only have Orto.


A tamer's number of tamed monsters increases as their magic and enlist skill levels increase. Lv1 can only have 1 tamed monster. Every time you go up 5 levels, the number of monsters that can be tamed will increase. My servant magic is level 5 and my enlist skill is level 3, so I should be able to tame up to 3 monsters. Well, it's quite a challenge for me since I don't have much battle power. I want to increase my battle power as soon as possible, though.


Other than that, I'm also curious about the farm. The player with the most farms is 12 plots of land. There are farms in other cities, so the top farmer-type players probably have that many.


The rest of the data isn't particularly interesting. It's kind of sad, like the amount of money I have. Will the Statistical data be released once every 4 days from now on? I'll look forward to it.


The other information is that there will be some kind of event after 10 days in-game or 3 days in real life. The event's content has not been revealed, but the location is the town of the beginning.


I wonder what the content will be. Well, if I don't do something now, I wouldn't even be able to participate. I'll do my best to raise my level.


"Let's get back to mapping and picking up trash."


Only about halfway left.


I continued map updating. Thanks to the lake, I can finish faster than in other areas. After all, only half of the area is land. The map updating request would be completed once the central square is covered. But the problem is the trash pickup.


"I need five more."


No matter where I looked, I couldn't find five more trash. Instead, I found an interesting store...


"Did this place open yesterday?"


"Of course it was! We've been in business for 20 years, and it has never been closed!"


It was located in an alley behind the main street that ran from the central square to the eastern area. I've been passing this street several times, and I'm pretty sure this store didn't exist.


The store was a flower shop selling a variety of colorful flowers. You can buy a single flower or a bouquet of flowers.


I peeked inside the store curiously.


"Oh, amazing!"


In the flower shop, not only fresh-cut flowers, but there're also potted plants, dried flowers, and even processed products such as potpourri and pressed flowers. Seems they sell all kinds of flowers.


I try to appraise some of the flowers in the store.


Name: Cosmos

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★7

Effect: None. For ornamental use.


In addition to this, there are other salvia and carnations for sale. They were all the same in real life except for the names.


But now I understand. Maybe I found this store because of my plant knowledge skill. If I don't have this skill, this store will be seen selling only weeds, and I won't even be able to enter it. I didn't expect such a store to exist.


Next, I'll appraise the potpourri.


Name: Potpourri (Lavender)

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★5

Effect: None. Small things.


I wonder if there is such a thing as small things. I try to smell it lightly, and it smells like lavender. Even if it has no visible effect, this is interesting.


Besides, if I can use herbal smells, I may be able to use weeds for mixing and alchemy. I must check other small things too.


"Maybe there's something that can give me an idea for production."


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