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Lupus-sensei channel

Episode 1: New Game

......... I'm dead. That was the last impression that Ira Takuto had.    His consciousness has already fallen into the darkness, and his five senses have been lost long ago. If we're talking about incurable illness, it was a dramatic end. But still, some parts of his heart can't accept it, and all he got was a worthless life that was wasted by spending a long time in the hospital bed. It was unfortunate to pass away at the age of only 18, but it's kind of a blessing that his heart feels so peaceful. Because he feels satisfied that he had lived long enough to find a miracle game that made him absorbed in it so much that made the doctors and nurses worry in the last few years.   Takuto Ira died with satisfaction, although the words he spoke were endless.   But.   "...Hmm. Is this the world after death? Its kind a cold."   His consciousness returned again. When Takuto opens his eyes, there was green that spreads out before his eye