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ITSUJITA ~ C22: I'm home and welcome home.

  Chapter 22: I'm home and welcome home.     We walked through the forest and returned to the town of Ninorich. We are relieved to be back, and then...   "Ah! Shirou-Onii-chan!" [Aina]   What a surprise. Aina is waiting for us at the entrance of the town. When Aina sees me, she gets up from the wooden log she was sitting on. She ran up to me and stopped a step in front of me. Then she looks up at me.   "Welcome home, Shirou Onii-chan." [Aina]   "I'm home, Aina-chan." [Shirou]   "...... Ehehe." [Aina]   Aina grabbed my hand happily. It seems that she wants to hold my hand.   "An-chan, is this your daughter?" [Ryer]   Seeing us holding hands, Ryer asked me. Kiki, who was behind us, suddenly dropped down while saying...   "You called me 'cute', but you already have a child." [Kiki]   "Hey, hey. Aina will be confused." [Shirou]   &qu

ITSUJITA ~ C21: The Bonds of trust

  Chapter 21: The Bonds of trust     I heard that the various materials of the defeated Murder Grizzly could be sold at a high price.   "Ryer-dono, please pull it off from there." [Rolf]   "Ou." [Ryer]   "Kiki-dono, remove the fangs. Nesca-dono put the blood in the leather bag." [Rolf]   "Roger that nya!" [Kiki]   "............ Understood." [Nesca]   So, the bear is now being dismantled. Under Rolf's direction, the three of them are peeling off the bearskin. Thanks to Rolf's instructions, I saw a pretty gruesome scene in front of me.   "Good. We've peeled off the skin. Next is the claws." [Ryer]   "Nee, nee. Ryer." [Kiki]   "Mm, What's the matter, Kiki?" [Ryer]   "What do we do about his balls nya?" [Kiki]   A young girl like her made a statement that I never thought I would hear. However, no one in the Blue Flash